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Painting Telemark - Wine Glasses with Lise Lorentzen

Lise Lorentzen, rosemaling instructor

Rosemaling artist and instructor, Lise Lorentzen explains how she designs a Hallingdal pattern on a bombay keepsake box. Over this 4 part series Lise will demonstrate how to paint this design in acrylic paints.  She will cover design, brush strokes, layering colors, shading, details, and final line work.

Paints used in this lesson

Folk Art Acrylics

  • Gold (4033)

  • Champagne (675)

Deco Art Americana Acrylics

  • Vanilla Shake

Painting Medium

Mixture of three mediums, mixing ratio of 1-1-1.

  • JoSonja Retarder

  • JoSonja Clear Glaze

  • JoSonja Flow Medium


  • Glass Wine Glasses

  • JoSonja paint brush - #4 round

  • Loew Cornell liner - 10/0

  • JoSonja Satin Acrylic Varnish

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Oven

Grey Basket

Telemark Wine Glass, Part 1

Rosemaling on wine glasses. Lise will cover each of the steps.

Telemark Wine Glass, Part 2 (Pt 3)

Lise covers how to do the delicate rosemaling linework.

Telemark Wine Glass, Part 3 (Pt 2)

Learn how to seal the final painting for durability.

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