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Rosemaling Classes

After my first rosemaling class I was bit by the rosemaling bug. All I wanted to do was learn, learn, learn. I scoured the internet to find rosemaling classes. How hard could it be to find a rosemaling class in Minnesota? I discovered it was hard!


Google searches came up with dead ends, old announcements, or sites that didn’t exist anymore.  I came to understand, the only way to find rosemaling classes was to know EXACTLY where to look. But how does someone new to rosemaling know where to go?  


I discovered, with as much as rosemaling communities are welcoming and encourage newcomers to paint, they also unfortunately communicate and promote rosemaling mostly to themselves. is here to change that.


The vision of Rosemaling Classes is growing the art of Norwegian Rosemaling in the U.S. by connecting rosemalers to classes, resources, information, and fellow rosemalers.


To accomplish this goal, Rosemaling Classes is offering:


  • Free listings under on the site for anyone offering rosemaling classes to the public.

  • Free webpage to non-profit rosemaling clubs that don’t have their own website.

Let's not let rosemaling become a lost art among Norwegian-Americans. Let's grow Norwegian Rosemaling!

Judy Velde Weiss

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