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Rosemaling - Strokes of Love Series with Betty Dowe

Betty Dowe, rosemaling instructor

Rosemaling instructor, Betty Dowe began rosemaling over 40 years ago. Betty will share the many tips she has used during her 35+ years of teaching rosemaling. She will also share fun beginner projects, such as turning simple gift bags from the Dollar Store into beautifully decorated gift bags.

Rosemaled gift bags

Betty Dowe Rosemaling Website

Visit Betty's website for more rosemaling tips, projects, rosemaling coloring books, and patterns.

Strokes of Love, Part 1

Introduction - Betty will walk through her beginnings in rosemaling, share items she's painted, describe the various rosemaling styles and introduce her upcoming videos in the series.

Strokes of Love, Part 2

Brush Strokes - Betty will break down C & S strokes, the basics for all rosemaling. She will then demonstrate combining the strokes to create different rosemaling elements.


Betty will demonstrate the fun beginner project of taking a simple gift bag from the Dollar Store and creating a beautifully decorated gift bag.

Strokes of Love, Part 3

Flowers, scrolls and leaves

Betty demonstrates in acrylics how she paints each of these common rosemaling elements.

Strokes of Love, Part 4

Painting on Fabric. Betty demonstrates how to paint on many items - cotton, silk, nylon, leather.  Sharing her prep and painting tips.

Strokes of Love, Part 5

Rosemaling on Glass. Betty demonstrates the steps necessary to paint on glass.

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