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Painting Telemark - Fjord Horse with Lise Lorentzen

Lise Lorentzen, rosemaling instructor

Rosemaling artist and instructor, Lise Lorentzen. In this 3-part series Lise demonstrates how to paint a Telemark design on a Norwegian fjord horse.  

Paints used in this lesson

Project Acrylic Paints

  • JoSonja Aqua

  • JoSonja Warm White


  • JoSonja Galaxy Blue

Painting Medium

Mixture of three mediums, mixing ratio of 1-1-1.

  • JoSonja Retarder

  • JoSonja Clear Glaze

  • JoSonja Flow Medium


  • Norwegian Fjord Horse, available from Mike Lusk, Lusk Scandia Woodworks

  • Tracing Paper (or Deli paper & chalk)

  • Transfer Paper

  • Kingart Original #9000 - #4 round

  • Kingart Midlength Liner #9375 - #1 and #10/0

  • JoSonja Satin Acrylic Varnish

Grey Basket

Telemark Fjord Horse, Part 1

Beginning steps and strokes to start rosemaling your fjord horse.

Telemark Fjord Horse, Part 2
Lise covers over stroking and how to add the final, delicate rosemaling linework to finish the fjord horse.

Telemark Fjord Horse, Part 3
Lise does more demos and wraps up with some of the final fjord horse details.

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