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Brushstroke Tutorial on a Christmas Ornament
 with Lise Lorentzen

Lise Lorentzen, rosemaling instructor

Rosemaling artist and instructor, Lise Lorentzen demonstrate rosemaling brush strokes and shows the viewer how she applies these basic strokes to create a lovely rosemaled Christmas ornament.

Paints used in this lesson

Jo Sonja Acrylics

  • Pale Gold 

  • Warm White

  • Blue Mix

    • Prussian Blue (2 parts)

    • Burnt Sienna (1part)



Jo Sonja - Napthol Red Light

Jo Sonja - Burnt Umber - antiqued over red.


To antique, mix a little of the Burnt Umber with Jo Sonja Clear Glaze. Brush over dry, red paint.  Wipe off the antiquing mixture to your liking.


Purchased on Amazon


Painting Medium

Mixture of three mediums, mixing ratio of 1-1-1.

  • JoSonja Retarder

  • JoSonja Clear Glaze

  • JoSonja Flow Medium


  • Kingart Original 9000 - #4 round

  • Jackie Shaw liner - 10/0 - this brand may not longer available, try the Kingart Midliner 10/0

  • JoSonja Satin Acrylic Varnish

Lise demonstrating rosemaling strokes
Grey Basket

Brushstroke Tutorial creating a Christmas Ornament

Lise demonstrates creating a beautify Christmas ornament using basic rosemaling brushstrokes.

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