Organizations Commonly Offering Rosemaling

Listed by State

Orgnaizations are organized by state.  


Jo Sonja's Folk Art Studio

JoSonya is offereing a couple of rosemaling classes in Os and Rogaland, as well as other decorative arts classes.

CALIFORNIA - Statewide

California Rosemaling Association

California Rosemaling Association offers classes, convention and events throughout California.

ILLINOIS - Statewide

Illinois Rosemalers' Association

This group offers a variety of rosemaling classes and events in Illinois.

IOWA - Decorah (and other US locations)

Vesterheim Folk School

Vesterheim offers greatest number of rosemaling classes in the U.S. Top quality instructors from the US and Norway share their knowledge on a variety of rosemaling styles. While most classes are held in Decorah, Iowa, Vesterheim sometimes sponsors classes in other areas of the country. Look at their class listings, there may be a class near you. **Become a member of Vestherheim** **Sign up for the Rosemaling Newsletter**


Scandinavian Cultural Center

Offers periodic rosemaling classes.

MINNESOTA - Burnsville

Burnsville Community Education

Burnsville Community Ed offers various classes a year. New schedules are announced quarterly.


Tips for finding the right class


Tip 1 –Style

Classes often focus in a specific rosemaling style. It would be wise to know what the style looks like and if it is of interest to you.  That said, a new style can help you explore something new. Many of the strokes are the same, so painting benefits will still be gained.


Tip 2 – Level

If you are a beginner, joining an intermediate class may not be advised.  Not only will you be frustrated, but your classmates will be frustrated when the instructor is covering beginning topics with you instead of working on the intermediate skills with the class.  The best suggestion is to contact the instructor before signing up for the class to determine if this class can accommodate you for success.


Tip 3 – Oils vs Acrylics

Traditionally, rosemaling is painted in oils and is the most common paint used in rosemaling classes. However, acrylics have come a long way and many rosemaling instructors teach in acrylics.  Some instructors accommodate both paints in class, others do not. It’s best to contact the instructor to clarify the paints being used in class if you have a preference.


Tip 4 – Instructor’s Personal Style

It may be wise to consider the instructor’s painting style, as experienced rosemalers tend to develop their own style.  So, it goes without saying, their personal style is usually expressed during the class. Look up previous work by the instructor to determine if their style appeals to you. Keep in mind, there is still much to be learned from any instructor.

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